Friday, November 15, 2013

ScreenCorder 5.0.55 (by jewil) Free Download

Version: 5.0.55
Category: System|System Miscellaneous
Developer: MatchWare DevTeam
Size: 13 Mb

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Review: ScreenCorder is an easy to use program desgined for you to easily record your screen activity. The user interface of the application is well-organized and easy to understand. To start a new project by establishing a harvesting area (window, region or full screen). But you can also set the number of frames per second recording (mono or stereo) and set the samples per second, as well as to visualize the left and right click, a click of the mouse sound effects. Reset settings to their default values ​​at any time. To stop recording, press the Esc key simplicity. Now you can check out the video that you have just created, and the built-in media player. In addition, you can take snapshot, view the properties of the project to cut off the beginning, ending, or at intervals to freeze the current frame at the same time and add objects, animated objects, magnifying glass and still images. In addition, you can add tests, a list of elements, set the shortcut keys, set the buffer size ScreenCorder to automatically add captions to click, change the user interface screen mode, and more. The program uses a low to moderate amount of system resources, provides a comprehensive help files, pictures, and this is a very good response time. No errors pop up during our testing. The picture and sound quality of the video output is excellent and the clip properly. We recommend ScreenCorder all users.

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