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iLivid Download Manager (32bit-64bit) Free Download

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Developer: iLivid
Size: 12 Mb

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iLivid Download Manager

iLivid Download Manager torrent
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Requires: Internet Connection

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Features: Instant play: Play video links instantly while downloading: Watch your video only few seconds after download starts. Link availability checker: Check video links availability while browsing any web page, no need to guess if the links are dead anymore! Supports Rapidshare, Hotfile and more to come. Works with all types of Rar archives: Rar video links, multi-volume Rar archives and password protected Rar files are fully supported. One-Click File Hosting downloads One of the outstanding abilities of Internet Live Video Player is the ability to watch any video file hosted on remote hosting service over the internet. Ilivid player fully Supports,, & many more. Rapidshare full support: Ilivid player is fully compatible with instant playback of videos hosted on, for both premium and non-premium user downloads! Non premium users: Ilivid player is supporting not only users with a premium account but also users who don't pay! Powered by VLC player: Internet Live Video Player is bundled with the powerful VLC player, with additional features and abilities. Watch Any Video: All common Video Format are fully supported. Input formats supported by bundled VLC: MPEG (ES,PS,TS,PVA,MP3),AVI,ASF / WMV / WMA,MP4 / MOV / 3GP,OGG / OGM / Annodex,Matroska (MKV),Real,WAV (incuding DTS),Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3/A52,Raw DV,FLAC,FLV (Flash),MXF,Nut,Standard MIDI / SMF,Creativeâ„¢ Voice. Link Grabber: ilivid toolbar automatically grabs all video links in a web page and starts playing the video just seconds after download of the very first link begins.

Review: iLive Download Manager is a professional file fetcher that you can download and save a variety of online services, such as HDTV, Hotfile, Fileserve y and other similar platforms. However, the software is not only the service providers being able to download virtually any type or resource on the Internet. iLive Download Manager is a sophisticated software capable of media (audio, video and images), software, documents, files, ISO files and so Addition al In fo bb. This sets itself apart from similar applications by a unique feature that allows users to watch video content available for download . Another advantage of this excellent download speeds manager, for this purpose, based on a lot of download accelerator designed to opti lis speed of your Internet service provider. What is it? And more to the growing list of upsides when they begin to explore its features. Sporting an intuitive and user-friendly interface, iLive Download Manager supports all acceptable level of simplicity, but it doesn? T reflects badly on their abilities. Learn how to use a short process, as iLive Download Manager significantly reduces user effort by providing a link to sniff / Grabber to examine the vacuum , gólapra URLs. Once placed in the download queue, the job is completed right away is not the last job (as the other download managers). Movies or other video content can be watched while performing tasks, in other words, if you do not? T have to wait for the download to finish to start playing the files. What is it? S more, you do not have to worry about media player like VLC iLive Download Manager bundles embedded player, all codecs needed a nice play. The only downside to this software is that it comes from a lot of third-party components that try to install the toolbar, and VA , ltoztassa the default browser homepage / search engine, but they are also checked during installation, but this is inconvenient, however. In summary, iLive Download Manager is worth your time. The facilities include a media preview, batch processing, high speed andthe ease of use, what to do reliable Leto , ltésvezérlÅ'. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the installation process, or you might end up with a lot of unwanted toolbars in the system.

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