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USB Lock Standard Free Download

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Developer: Advanced Systems
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USB Lock Standard

USB Lock Standard torrent
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Features: Real-time protection of all user accounts, running light at operating system level, without affecting the normally used usb peripherals: keyboards, mouse, most printers, scanner, v-cams etc. Able to run on manual or auto mode: Manual mode (with password): System tray easy access password window from any account. Auto mode (with usb token): Easily making your usb thumb drive a key (token) that allows usage Requires password to uninstall. Reports the names of extracted files by usb storage (usb aware capability included) (usb aware incluido)

Review: USB Lock Standard is an application that allows you to protect data on USB removable disk or CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, prevent unauthorized use of these techn Engaged. In the first run, USB Lock Standard requires you to set mandatory access password, you must enter it each time you want to access the application. Permanently running in the system tray, the software allows you to restrict or allow access to the USB device every time you want. After entering the password, the software shows the Control Panel window, where you can choose who you want to protect USB drive. To do this you need to press the appropriate buttons to lock for each device. For example, to restrict access to the DVD-ROM, after the computer is trying to read a new CD or DVD, USB Lock Standard pitch automatically. Obviously, this does not happen if you remove the protected status of the device. One of the advantages of the system is that it allows you to authorize or restrict the use of USB storage drives without affecting other USB based peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse. To prevent unwanted access to your files on a USB drive or smart card, you can create a portable protector. When choosing a portable drive, exe file is created on it, allowing you to protect your files with assigning the password, so no one can access them from another computer. The password is the same as the one you set up for the program at the beginning. Another useful feature is the Auto-Off mode, which lets you use a USB device authorization key when running in auto mode. USB Lock Standard is a lightweight application that can remove the right of the main window. This allows you to prevent loss of data that come as a result of misuse of USB removable drives and other devices.

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